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 Brian Krause Chat Transcript ---TV Guide Online(April 20th, 2000)

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PostSubject: Brian Krause Chat Transcript ---TV Guide Online(April 20th, 2000)   Sun 19 Oct 2008, 9:22 pm

Brian Krause ---TV Guide Online > Live Chat

TV Guide Online:
Tonight we are chatting with Brian Krause from the popular TV series Charmed. Hi Brian! Thanks for coming this evening!

Hi, everybody. Thanks for having me. Hope you enjoy the show! Smile

Q: How do you relate to your character Leo?

It's hard to say...I'd say my honesty. Leo to me is a real likable character, the way they write him. So, I just try to be myself, and play off the girls. Be as relaxed as possible.

Q: Hi Brian, my question is do you believe in all that supernatural stuff?

I do believe that there are cultures around the world that do practice magic and get some results from it. But, in America, I have yet to see anything that would get me to believe it in it here. Definitely what we do on our show is a lot of great special effects.

Q: Hi, this is a question that every girl wants to know – do you have a girlfriend and if you do who is she?

I'll be celebrating my five-year anniversary this summer with my wife, Beth. Sorry... Sad
[Note: Brian and his wife did apparently break up some time after this chat]

Q: First I would like to say that I think you are an awesome actor. Charmed is the best show, I am actually watching it as we are talking. My question is what is the funniest thing that happened while shooting an episode of Charmed?

Every day is a riot when we're on the set. To pick one thing out and to say that was the funniest ever is hard to do. Because all three of the girls are really funny and talented. So to pick one thing is really hard. But, one embarrassing thing that happened to me... it might be in tonight's episode, or maybe next week's...Prue walks in on me when I'm taking a shower, and she's supposed to have a look of shock when she sees everything. And that turned into something very funny... and very embarrassing.

Q: Brian: Are you looking into other acting jobs or to "guest star" on any other shows? What can you tell us about your movie Dreamers?

I'm currently going to film a short this weekend. No pay, just a great project. I am auditioning... constantly auditioning. Looking for a summer movie or the like. Independent. Something fun. As for Dreamers, it's going to open in Santa Monica the week of June 5th. If it does well there, they'll possibly expand into other markets. The movie is basically about dreams... personal dreams. The four different storylines that occur are different looks at how people go about attaining those dreams and the magnificence of that. It's a movie within a movie. The movie they're shooting, the lead character comes out to Hollywood from the Midwest and gets hooked up in this low budget movie. It all falls apart, it's turmoil... it takes them almost a year to complete it. And goes into the emotions that the people involved have. In a nutshell... LOL

Q: Ok, What is your favorite episode of Charmed, can you watch yourself on TV or are you embarrassed?

Gosh... I have a tie for favorites. There's a bunch. There's a couple that we've shot that haven't aired yet, leading all the way up to the end of the season. The season finale is going to be great! There's a genie, played by French Stewart. He's amazingly talented and very funny. And Shannon directed that episode. So, it made it really fun. There were extra laughs every day. And, it's hard for me to watch myself on TV. I'm so critical of everything. I have to leave the room sometimes.

Q: Brian, what is your favorite television show, (besides Charmed, of course).

With my four-year old son, I find myself watching a lot of Cartoon Network. I love NYPD Blue. I think it's a great show. Homicide...Beyond that, I watch Discovery, TNT and a lot of Sports Center. Too much Sports Center... LOL.

Q: How did you get your start in the acting business?

In junior high school, I took drama the second semester as an elective. When I went into high school, I decided to stay in drama. I figured it was an easy "A." Smile My mom saw an article in the paper when I was a freshman for a commercial acting workshop in Costa Mesa, CA. So, I didn't really want to do it. I was more involved in sports and trying to fit in at school. So, reluctantly, I went to the audition to get into the class. I was in that class for two months, got a head shot, put a resume together, and then submitted my picture and resume to agents. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have an agency interested in me. So, after the commercial workshop, there was another article in the paper for an actor's workshop, which was closer to my home, and actually had scene study and cold readings. So, I attended there for the next five and a half years, throughout high school. Did a year in community college, tried to play soccer, figured I was a pro. I wasn't. So, I decided to take a year off from college and pursue acting, since I'd been doing it all along. Got reorganized, focused, had a goal... and got lucky. Within two months, I got my SAG card doing a commercial. But, I'd been auditioning for 16 years. So, I had to work for it. Sorry... I'd been auditioning since I was 16. I got lucky.

Q: Can you give us some spoilers or story arcs for season three? Has anything been revealed about the direction of the show?

As far as next season, I am uninformed as to any storylines or direction in which they'd like to take the show. I think if you follow the show for the rest of the season, you will be able to possibly come to some conclusion as to where you think it will go. The rest of this season should be really interesting. And fun. Smile

TV Guide Online:
Thank you Brian! We had a great time! Please come back soon and talk with us again!

Thanks everybody for coming online! And for spending time with me. I would love to come back and have another chance to answer more of your questions... and give you more clues and insights. Smile Keep watching! I appreciate all of you. Thank you.

nAtaShA Smile

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PostSubject: Blast from the Past Interview...   Sun 19 Oct 2008, 10:18 pm

Hey Natasha...I thought I had read all of Brian's interviews....guess not...I must have missed this one in my quest to keep up with him (smile)..... cat
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Brian Krause Chat Transcript ---TV Guide Online(April 20th, 2000)
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