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 Bk---Xpose Magazine Interview[Issue#95] ~ Mortality Play(July 2005)

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PostSubject: Bk---Xpose Magazine Interview[Issue#95] ~ Mortality Play(July 2005)   Mon 20 Oct 2008, 8:42 am

Xpose #95 > Mortality Play

With Charmed returning for an eighth season, star Brian Krause chats to us about how Leo Wyatt's newfound mortality will affect the direction of the character, and where the show's going in its final year...

It's seven years since Leo Wyatt showed up on the doorstep of the Halliwell Manor, claiming to be a handyman, but in truth a Whitelighter sent to watch over the Charmed Ones. However, that mission's become trickier after the events of the seventh season, as his alter ego, actor Brian Krause, explains.

"In the past, Leo was always able to protect Piper and take care of her and their family," says Krause. "However, as of the show's 150th episode he could no longer do that. So I think Leo's and Piper's relationship has flip-flopped in that my character now has to rely on her to protect him. Along with that, she's also helped Leo rebuild his confidence and the two of them have dealt with each other on a more Human - or mortal - level. That's the first time in seven years that Leo and Piper have truly connected in that way as opposed to on a witch/Whitelighter level."

"From an acting standpoint, I feel that Leo has definitely become more of an emotional individual because he's once again mortal. Since that happened to him, we've seen the real essence of my character if you will and how he reacts to and handles situations as an 'ordinary' person. That's been a challenge for me to play. It's one thing when you're powerful and can't be killed, but when that's taken away from you it ups the stakes on everything. You have to keep reminding yourself that you're not invulnerable any more and things can hurt you. So it's OK to be a little scared."

"Leo unknowingly set out on the path to become mortal again when he decided to go behind his fellow Elders' backs and join the Avatars in their plan to build a better world, but in order to do so they needed him and his powers, little suspecting how high the price of Utopia would be."

"Overall I was very pleased with how my character's story arc with the Avatars played out," notes Krause. "Most of my scenes were with Joel Swetow, the Alpha Avatar, and I definitely enjoyed working with him. I thought we had some great guest stars in the seventh season, which says a lot about our show, our actresses, our writers and everyone else involved. It's a compliment when you get performers of such calibre like Joel, Oded Fehr and Billy Zane to take part in the story that you're telling."

"Getting back to Joel, he's a terrific guy. The two of us would sit down and work through a scene together, rehearse it, and then go in front of the cameras and just let things unfold. Joel has a real passion for the craft and it shows in his performance. Again, all of our guest stars come in prepared and excited to be on Charmed. It's a thrill when that happens because, first off, it reminds you how lucky you are to be doing what you're doing, and, second, it brings a freshness to the work every week."

nAtaShA Smile
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Bk---Xpose Magazine Interview[Issue#95] ~ Mortality Play(July 2005)
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