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 We Trap Leo in the Attic(February 11th, 2005)

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PostSubject: We Trap Leo in the Attic(February 11th, 2005)   Mon 20 Oct 2008, 10:29 am

We Trap Leo in the Attic

On the Paramount lot recently, we ate some “Charmed” 150th episode celebration cake and sat down in the attic set of the famed Halliwell house to chat with some of the stars. Cute actor Brian Krause, who plays Leo the White Lighter and witch Piper’s hubby, stepped in briefly after posing for pix with fellow stars Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Dorian Gregory.

Looking all GQ dressy in grey suit with blue shirt, charming Leo/Brian spilled the magic beans about things like an episode he wrote for the show, how "Charmed", now entering its seventh season, has changed his life, cool guest stars and his fave costume.

Are you surprised that your character is still a big part of the show?

"I am. I was surprised to make it through the first season, and then the second so definitely it’s awesome to be here."

Are you expecting one more year?

"I’m hoping for another 150. It would be great so it’s just wait and see for everybody."

Didn’t you write a script for the show?

"You know I’ve constantly thought about what could happen here in the “Charmed” world. I pitched an idea to Brad (producer) and he liked it. I didn’t write the full script. I wrote the story with a partner of mine and it was fun. It was nice to be able to tell a story and contribute in another way."

Which episode was it?

"It was the three monkeys. You know, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."
[Season 5, Episode 20---Sense & Sense ability].

How different was it from the time you wrote it to when it appeared on screen?

"From what we originally wrote and our first idea and what got to screen it was pretty close. There were a few things that changed. But as far as the ideas and the emotions behind it, it was right on."

You auditioned for Andy and you ended up becoming Leo, how did that come about?

"Yeah. I was auditioning for a lot of different things at that time and one of them happened to be Andy Trudeau and obviously I didn’t get it and they just brought me back in for Leo. It happens."

You were the lead in the spooky film Sleepwalkers based on a Stephen King book. Are you ever afraid that you are going to get stuck in this genre? Are you looking for any new parts?

"Yeah. I’m constantly looking for other things to do, to not be just the good guy we know all the time. You know I’m looking for serial killer roles, maybe play a demon."

How has being on “Charmed” so long changed your life?

"For all of us, I think when a career takes off, life gets simpler. It also gets harder. My personal life has changed from being married, to not, to owning a home, to watching my son grow up. It’s definitely made life easier to do things that I want to do and create a college fund for my son, and it’s definitely enriched my life with friendships that I’ve made here. As an actor for the past seven years, I feel like I’ve gotten better, I‘ve gotten more comfortable. I think, on all fronts of my life, it’s changed for the better."

What are you working on today?

"Today I’m not working. I was an Avatar and tried to change the world. In this episode we're dealing with the penance, which I must pay to the elders. So they’ve kind of sent me away to choose between love and being a God."

What is your favorite costume so far?

"Evil Leo was pretty fun, you know leather, boots. Probably the hardest one was the pregnancy outfit, having to wear a baby around."

Did you get to keep the beautiful Elder cape?

"No we’re making curtains." (Laughs)

Do you think that your character is more complex this season than last?

"Obviously, for those who follow the show, my character has had a lot more to do and more to play as far as emotions with the family and with the elders, it’s great. It’s what I want to do as an actor. So it’s a lot of fun to try and find the different struggles with keeping my family together and still helping the greater good. It’s just been a challenge and a fun one."

What kind of conversations do you have with teen girls when they recognize you on the street?

"First of all they ask if I’m ‘that guy from that show’, and I’m like “Leo?’ ‘Oh yeah, Leo’. Then I say I am, and they say ‘you’re not’, and they never quite believe it. A lot of them say it’s their favorite show and they watch it all the time. You know very complimentary, and I’m as embarrassed as they are, I think."

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had with a fan?

"Different requests by females I suppose. Such as signing certain things, asking me to heal them. You know some crazy stuff."

The show is getting tons of great guest stars. Who would you like to come on?

"Gosh, I guess a lot of my friends who are actors and need work but you know we welcome everybody. Billy Zane being here is very exciting, Julian McMahon is coming back, which is great. I’d love to see a lot more people come to our show."

nAtaShA Smile
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We Trap Leo in the Attic(February 11th, 2005)
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